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2020 regular season comes to an end this saturday.  the PLAYOFF GAMES BEGIN FOR DIVISION A - 7th & 8th grade teams. 

playoff gate admission:

$7 adults / $5 students


each program has various protocols in place from the high school and/or school district. 


come prepared with a credit card for gate & concessions payment.


come prepared with a face covering or facemask. 


now that the regular season is complete on october 31, 2020.  any team shut down due to covid is a mandAtory forfeit.  gmsaa does not have the flexibility to move the game schedule within the approved playoff format from the gmsaa member programs.     



6th Grade Game Scoreboard

7th Grade Game scoreboard

8th Grade Game scoreboard



Team Arrival:  Encourage each team to arrive no earlier than 45 minutes prior to game time to lessen the amount of time multiple teams and parents are on site together.  Masks or Face coverings are highly recommended.  

Hydration:  Individual plastic or gallon water bottles/jugs with the players name.  No water cows, no community bottles allowed. There will be NO personal water bottle sharing.  Only 1 person will be allowed to refill water bottles or disposable cups. This person must wear a mask and gloves.

Parents:  Keep social distance between fans when coming into the stadium along with exiting the stadium.   As a majority of the member schools have mandatory cashless entry.  If available, order online admission ticket to help speed up the entrance process.  If the online admission ticket is not an option, have your credit card ready at the admission booth/gate entrance.   Each member school has a reduced total seating capacity for the home and visitor side.  

Concessions:  Recommend the concession stand has hand sanitizer available for staff and guests.  All concession workers should wear a mask or face covering and gloves. Serve only prepackaged items.  Microwave popcorn only when it is popped when ordered and left in the bag.  Have your credit card ready as a majority of our programs have cashless concessions.  

Press Box:  Film crew and Youth Sports Rewind film crew may have access to the press box when a separate space is available to maintain a minimum of 6-feet of social distancing.   The press box should have an announcer, scorekeeper and official clock operator.  Video crew must film from the stadium stand when space is unavailable.  Masks or face coverings are highly recommended inside the Press Box. 

Referees:  If a coach asks for clarification on a call or asks for a discussion, they must stay 6-feet apart. Referees will increase the length of the timeout period from the normal time-outs if they feel it is necessary for safety.

Sidelines:  No more than 13 GMSAA badge holders allowed on the sideline, no exceptions.   Masks or face coverings are mandatory when less than 6-feet apart from nearest person or player.  

Inside Game Field Fence:  GMSAA and AAFOA officials (in referee shirts or AAFOA polos), GMSAA Coaching Staff, Football Players, Cheerleaders, Cheer Coach, Physical Trainer, Equipment Manager and authorized school personnel may be inside the fence.  Photographers and all non-essential sideline personnel must stay in end zone, no exceptions.  

Players:  All players should social distance during the game staying 6 feet apart. The players box on the sideline can be extended if necessary. Per GHSA/NFHS, the players box can extend from 10 yard line to 10 yard line.  Coaching staff must remain within coaching box from the 25 yard line to the 25 yard line.  

Coin Toss:  Only 1 captain permitted to come to the midfield for the coin toss. Others should stay on sideline or stop at the top of numbers.

Cheerleaders:  Cheerleaders must stay 6-feet apart.  Only one cheer coach will be allowed inside the fence/track area.   Masks and face coverings highly recommended. 

Post-game:  After completion of the game, there will be no handshakes.  Each team must clear the bench area. Cheerleaders should clear the track.  All post-game team gatherings must take place outside the fence and playing area.  All players, cheerleaders, coaching staff and parents must wear a mask. Coaches should keep post-game ‘team talks’ to a minimum (5 or less minutes) with social distancing in place. Reserve ‘review’ talks to practice the following week.  

Note: Each member school might maintain a higher level of protocols.  The GMSAA Protocols are fluid and subject to change.

Because COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is spread mainly from person-to-person contact, GMSAA has put in place protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, GMSAA cannot guarantee that its participants, volunteers, partners, or others in attendance will not become infected with COVID-19.


All-Star Coaches Needed

Head and Asst. Coaches who are interested for the 6th, 7th, or 8th East or West All-Star Teams - contact Mark Flanagan today at 678-592-1077.   

GMSAA All-Star Games playing at Milton HS on Saturday, November 21.  



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