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All Participating JV Programs, 

JV Football is an optional game format for each sixth grade, seventh grade and eight grade football team from within the GMSAA member schools. JV Football is not a state championship sport. The JV Football format is designed to help with the continuing development of certified athletes within a member school team that is participating with a large number of athletes. The spirit of JV Football will offer a live game format for certified athletes who do not fully participate during a Saturday GMSAA regular season game.   GMSAA reserves the right to pull players from JV rosters if it is deemed that the “spirit of JV football” is being violated.

  1. A student athlete participating in JV Football games must meet the GMSAA By-Laws 1.00 Student section for student and team certification.
  2. The number of JV football games allowed is a maximum of six (6) games within the GMSAA member schools.  A full schedule is 5 games.  
  3. All member schools must submit an email by August 1, notifying the GMSAA JV Chairperson of your participation in the JV Football format. In addition, participating member schools must submit the participating grade level(s).  The participating member schools must also submit the following information:  preferred start date, number of games, day(s) preference, and field conflicts.
  4. All schools must declare 5 players ineligible to play in JV games whether or not they are participating in the JV program.  
  5. Only one football game may be played per week by the same JV team. Games will take place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening with the preferred game time kickoff at 6:30 pm. The start time may be adjusted if needed for travel.
  6. Due to lack of field space, programs with multiple grade level JV teams may be asked to host 2 games in one night.  In these cases, the games will be played at 6:30 and 7:45.  The younger team will play the first game.
  7. All games will be played with 8-minute quarters with no overtime permitted.
  8. Football players playing on both the varsity and one sub-varsity team are limited to six quarters of competition in any seven (7) day period beginning with the varsity game. The penalty for violation of this rule will be forfeiture of the varsity game in which the violation occurred and a $1,000.00 fine.  The Varsity roster should have a minimum of 32 players to remain in compliance with the six-quarter rule.
  9. No jersey number rule shall be in effect during the JV game. Each athlete should remain in the same jersey number that they wear on Saturday game day.
  10. All football games shall be played with a minimum of four (4) officially-dressed field officials who are registered under the GHSA plan for registering officials. The officiating crew also shall have an electric clock operator whose only duty is to operate the game clock.
  11. Additional official fees apply for participation. Each team participating in the JV Football program shall be responsible to pay for the official fees at 50% of the games played regardless of the location of each game. The GMSAA shall pay for one official to run the clock.
  12. No admission fees allowed for JV games. Host location is allowed to open concession stand.
  13. Each member school with a participating JV team must submit to the GMSAA JV Committee Chairperson the name and contact information of their JV Coordinator. This person shall be the main point of contact in an effort to maintain communication between the GMSAA and each JV team.   The names and contact information (email and phone number) of each head coach should be provided as well.
  14. Each member school must submit by email the member school and grade participating to the GMSAA JV Committee Chairperson by August 1.
  15. Chain crew shall remain on the home side of the football stadium.
  16. JV Game Cancellation must be made by noon on Sunday prior to the game. If the cancellation occurs after Sunday, the official fees shall be charged to the member school. Only exception shall be made for inclement weather.


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